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Abandonment and Joy

There would be no greater joy and fulfillment than the total abandonment and luxury of living your life on a jetty by the ocean, letting the waves splash around you as the warm sun settles down in the horizon.  Ahhhh, the peaceful life of a starfish! Until . . . suddenly you have some crazy lady decide it’s tragic that your beauty is wasted on this boulder and should actually be seen by her house guest, brightly painted and hanging proudly above the toilet! (Funny what we will use as décor.   Please don’t contact me; I have come to my senses and am truly sorry for destroying the sea life!)

It all started innocently during a summer vacation on the beach. I (Patty) placed the starfish (technically a sea star because they aren’t fish) on the patio table to dry out in the sun so the family would not have a stinky-fishy-smelly-car-ride home. Little did I know that I would be using a steak knife to slice off pieces of the starfish’s little spiny cylinder tubed feet because they had suctioned themselves onto the metal table.  Seriously, it was like sawing concrete off of metal. I was flabbergasted at the strength this creature had. I had no idea that it was still alive and fighting to stay in California! (All right, so I did not listen in Earth Science when they talked about an eye located at the end of each arm! By the way, did you know sea stars have the ability to regenerate limbs, and in some cases, entire bodies?) Crazy stuff!

My point is that, as morbidly obsessive as I had become with not letting this sea star win the battle, it caused me to do a self-check on my own death grip. What was I not willing to release? Was I living my life in total abandonment, allowing Christ to capture my heart? He did not die for 10% of my finances, or one day a week of my time. He died for my “all”, my 100%!

It’s so much easier to trust Him and willingly relinquish control than to have to be pried and sawed off the table, so to speak.  In the wise words of a fictitious character, I need to let it go!

On Girlfriendit Radio, We’ll have more discussion about living in abandonment and joy with our guest, New York Times bestselling author Liz Curtis Higgs! Liz is the author of 32 books with 4.5 million copies in print, including her million-selling series, Bad Girls of the Bible, and The Girl’s Still Got It.

Also joining us is our girlfriend, Debbie Jones, from our ministry partner, Bloom.

Letting it go,

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