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Choices That Lead You To Remarkable . . . or not!

Can a single choice or a series of choices have an impact that could ruin and rearrange your remarkable?

One flirt ultimately results in divorce
One party leads to an addiction
One drink too many ends a life

What if we choose to make that single choice to unravel remarkable rather than cause ruin? We are the sum total of our decisions: one bad decision becomes two, two becomes three. Every decision matters and has ripple effects into eternity.

One careless decision can alter your life, wiping away a lifetime of good deeds. In the end, these deeds will be overshadowed and forgotten.

We are setting ourselves up for failure if we think we are not capable of a bad decision or judgment call.

Look around to see who is breathing into you that will keep you on course to live and leave a significant legacy. It’s never too late to change course and make your life matter.

To live a life of impact, have a plan in place that you continually review so you can move from here to there intentionally.

Choose the Remarkable!!!!

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