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Girlfriendit: Are You the BUZZ? – Erik Lokkesmoe

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Are You the BUZZ?  – Erik Lokkesmoe

Thursday, April 11, 2013

LIVE at 12pm EST on Toginet Radio

Podcast will be available after show time on iTunes or check here at Girlfriendit Radio.

Wouldn’t it be cool if everywhere you went you had your own marketing agent that would go before you to prep your “audience”?  You know, someone to sell others on your strengths and talent and create a buzz of anticipation?  It’d be kind of like what John the Baptist did for Jesus!

Imagine how great a first impression you’d make because you had an advocate that paved the way.  If this sounds like an exercise in narcissism, consider how being or having that agent could make voices heard that are trying to make a difference in this world.  Learn more this week as we hear from Erik Lokkesmoe, the founder and buzz creator of Different Drummer, an agency for global entertainment brands and content.

Different Drummer is aptly named; they’ve built an impressive list of clients through their dedication to “rethink everything” and “go different this time!”

They say, “Great art, entertainment, and media should leave the audience a little better off than when they first entered the theater, turned on the iPod, or opened the book. Art doesn’t have to be happy or easy; it should, however, be a vehicle for recreation and re-creation, an echo of grace that reminds us what it means to be human and more than human.”

Now that is creating a Buzz!!

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