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“No one escapes life unscathed. Everyone faces tragedy. Rick and Sherri did. They did so with faith. We are wise to learn from their example. Their story inspires us to face our challenges by facing God first.”  ~ Max Lucado              

We all desire to live a fairytale life of complete peace and harmony. The reality is, though, that when it comes to loss and strife, it’s not a matter of “if”, but “when.”  The question then becomes how we will respond. Loss comes in many different forms and packages: the loss of a job, a relationship, a spouse, a child, an identity. There is no cookie cutter approach to responding to grief and the process of healing. (Give yourself grace.) Unfortunately, many deal with their grief in destructive ways by gravitating toward substances or other harmful means for coping.

What does it look like to heal and move forward past grief? This doesn’t minimize the loss or deny it, but allows it to transform us and to experience God in a deeper, more personal way. I (Lisa) know my times of loss have provided opportunities to understand God and see Him as the One who still sees and loves me. It is not easy to get to that place. I have had some dark moments. But, I have always found God to be faithful and show up in unexpected ways to love on me.

How do you handle loss and grief? Are you allowing God to reach in and touch your pain and walk with you through the journey of healing and restoration?

Our guests this week on Girlfriendit Radio:
Sherri Burgess is the wife of nationally syndicated radio host Rick Burgess of “The Rick and Bubba Show.” They are both sought-after ministry speakers and marriage conference hosts. Sherri knows this to be true: God teaches and refines us through pain and suffering.  After the earthly death of her youngest son, Bronner, Sherri asked, “Why?” And God answered her.  A former news anchor turned author, she recently published her book, Bronner, allowing readers to journey with her through this powerful testimony of healing to understand the purpose behind the pain.

Our next guest, Stephanie Wilkerson, is a part of the ministry called Bloom for church planting pastors’ wives and shares in ministry with her husband at Engage Church in Memphis, Tennessee. Together, they are passionate about creating a movement that helps people from all walks of life engage each other and move forward with Jesus.

Let’s move forward together,

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