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Let’s face it . . . as moms, we do guilt well. When I say “we”, that means I am including YOU in my little shamefest. That’s very kind of me. Right?         Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 1.08.45 PM

My (Patty) guilt was piled on due to school beginning this month. What happened to all of the endless lazy summer days that I was going to spend reading books with my daughters, having devotions together, painting, and discovering unblazed trails? Where did my Pinterest-perfect summer go?

Well, go and guilt no more! I decided, what good was it to have a perfect summer? It would just put high expectations on my daughters for when they become a mother. Think of how freeing it will be for them to not have to be as perfect!!!!!!! Just saying!

Alright, so maybe there is a healthier perspective as we tune in to:

Hettie Brittz, author of (un)Natural Mom. Hettie shared with us the idea of a “natural mother” and explores four primary parenting styles, guiding us to discover the strengths we already possess.

Drawing from her years of experience working with children as a speech pathologist and adapting homeschooling to fit her own children, Hettie developed the Tall Trees Parenting Profile.

Take the free online test to discover your own unique Tree Types and begin to understand that YOU are already the mother you were meant to be.

Each type of mother is compared to a type of tree — a palm tree, rose bush, pine tree, or boxwood — based on qualities the mother and tree have in common. In fact, Hettie believes each mother’s “imperfections” are exactly what makes her the perfect mother for her children.

Michelle Parker, leads and serves with other church planter’s wives in the ministry of Bloom to Connect, Empower, and Lead. Bloom also empowers women to maximize their role in starting churches.

Michelle is a lover of change, newness, and fixing what ain’t workin’! She’s an author, speaker, and musician.

You will leave this show “lighter” in your spirit and ready to shed the guilt.

Live guilt-free!

Patty and Lisa

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