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If I Run

I’ve become more and more aware lately of my “default modes.” These knee-jerk tendencies of mine can be good, bad, or really, REALLY ugly; they may be  innately ingrained in me or have been shaped by my experiences, but either way, they inform my view of life and how I process it. My negative default modes can be quite the stumbling block for me. We all experience this, don’t we? Half the time we don’t even realize that we’re viewing that disappointment, that painful situation, the thing we’re so afraid of through a broken lens. The truth is that we simply can’t see the truth of these situations clearly until we wade through the muck blocking it. But, our natural tendencies to avoid pain, stress, pressure, uncomfortable situations, danger, etc. create that time-honored fight or flight response in us. Sadly for us, when it comes to facing those not-so-savory internal or downright scary external giants, we often choose flight. We run. We procrastinate. We avoid. We do anything we can to escape those confrontations.

When we feel powerless to change either our circumstances or our reactions to them, feelings of helplessness creep in. Helplessness unchecked breeds hopelessness. And from there, friends, it’s just a slip n’ slide ride down a rabbit hole towards desperation, despondence, and despair. And those are places that God never intended for us to be. You see, those fears, those ingrained destructive default modes that shape the way we view and deal with life are all a guise, masked tools of muck the Enemy uses to distract you from seeing things clearly so that you can’t process them in healthy ways.

Whatever you’re facing today… whatever baggage that came into that situation with you… when life doesn’t go according to plan and you are left figuring out how to handle it… know that you have another option. You can choose fight mode. And you don’t have to do it alone. When we make the choice to walk in step with God, who is worthy of every thought you have and default in you, slowly but surely, He will lovingly help you replace your fleshly defaults for His holy ones. He loves you enough to take you on that journey and show you how to have a joy and peace in the midst of your struggles that you could not ever have imagined would be possible. Before you know it, you’ll be processing the ups and downs of your life through a perfectly crystal clear lens… His!  ~The above post was written by our guest author, Kristen Utley~

Join the conversation we had on Girlfriendit Radio with New York Times best-selling author, Terri Blackstock, about her latest book, If I Run, which details the lives of two people’s intersecting quests for truth amidst seemingly insurmountable circumstances.

Looking through His lens,

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