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Jesus Freak!?

Guess what? I have a secret!  I found something that will lead you to an amazing adventure and change your life forever!!  I would gush about this crazy secret with  you, but apparently you don’t mean that much to me.          

Have you ever felt guilty for not being bolder about sharing the best news ever told?

Recently I (Patty) was with a group of un-churched new acquaintances. Instead of passing out business cards, we swapped social media information. My Twitter account states, “Jesus Lover.” My new friends began saying things like, “I will have to clean up my language around you,” and “Oh, you’re really religious. I’m not at all, but I am very spiritual.” Part of me wanted to pose like WonderWoman and say, “Jesus Freak, at your service!”  But sadly, another part of me felt like I needed to plead the fifth.

I sensed they were putting me in a guilt-by-association-box, and that they had a negative perception of a “Religious Person.”  I immediately felt defensive and wanted to say:

“I’m not a religious person. I am a person of faith.”
“Yes, it is a lifestyle. I pray that I leak Jesus.”
“I am crazy about HIM! Let me tell you how Jesus will grow you, sustain you and give you a fresh perspective on life!”
“I DO believe that God is the designer of life and He is the secret of ALL!  And no, I don’t need to be institutionalized.”
“Please don’t put your bad past experiences on me. I don’t fit into that box! Really!!”
Instead, I smiled politely and prayed fiercely that my actions would and will be more powerful than my words.

Guess what? You do mean that much to me . . . I don’t ever want someone to say, “Why didn’t you tell me??”

Trying to leak more and find more leaks and freaks!

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