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The Journey

I (Patty) couldn’t resist sharing this beautiful response from my friend’s 19 yr. old son, Andy Whiten, when he was asked this question:   In twenty years, where do you see yourself? Growing up, life seemed pretty simple to me. You make friends by being kind…

If I Run

I’ve become more and more aware lately of my "default modes." These knee-jerk tendencies of mine can be good, bad, or really, REALLY ugly; they may be  innately ingrained in me or have been shaped by my experiences, but either way, they inform my view…

God’s Not Dead 2

It was an honor to have actor, PAUL KWO join this special edition of Girlfriendit Radio!    Not only is Paul one of the supporting lead actors of the feature film franchise "God's Not Dead" and "God's Not Dead 2" which released April 1, he is…

The Power of Story

“The best stories enlarge our understanding of the world, excite our imagination, and make us think of THE story sung by angels in heaven.” Jack Klumpenhower What makes a great story for you?? I (Lisa) know I am in a great story/book when I dread…
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