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Raise Your Hand!

Do you remember what happened in Kindergarten when the teacher asked for volunteers?  Every hand in the class shot up!  You didn’t even know what you were volunteering for, but you just knew you could do it, and you wanted in!  What happens now when you are asked to volunteer? Reality, right?

Research shows:

  • 90% of Kindergarten students have a positive self-esteem.
  • Jr. Higher students having positive self-esteem drops to 50%.
  • Only 25% of High School students have positive self-esteem, and that percentage holds throughout adulthood.

What happened to our confidence and zest for life from age 5 to adulthood?

  • The worries and stress of parenthood happened.
  • The stranglehold of debt happened.
  • Depression happened.
  • Isolation from friends happened.
  • Death happened.
  • Naysayers and Negative Nellies happened.
  • Failures happened.
  • Basically, a HOT-MESS Happened!

Want to get back to that wide-eyed innocent enthusiasm and can-do attitude of youth?

Some Tips:

  • We are created in His image!! (Genesis 1:27)  That means we are rock stars!! But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t work on our rough edges.
  • Don’t Listen to the Lies of the Enemy
  • Get into your 5-year-old mind and give yourself permission to invent and re-invent your awesomeness!
  • Concentrate on what is next! Take baby steps. Don’t be discouraged by the distance to your goal. How you get from here to there can be overwhelming. Get a great support group to encourage you and just keep going!
  • Be grateful for what God has done and IS doing in your life. Read Proverbs. Visualize what your dream will look like when you get “there.”

Side Note: You are never too old!! It is not too late to make changes in your life. Many women are going back to school, exploring new career choices, starting new businesses and ministries.

So, raise your hand high! God’s got this!

You can do it,

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