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Redeeming Pleasure

Pleasure… We hear about it, we think about it, and we look for it. Constantly. But why do so few of us ever seem to really experience it? Is it possible to satisfy our deepest cravings for lasting satisfaction? The answer is yes! But it might surprise you as to why.  

It is easy to get stuck in our thinking on certain subjects and topics without ever really questioning the “why”. I (Lisa) have been challenged a lot over the past couple of years regarding my global views and trying to see outside my cultural box. I have had to ask myself a lot of questions and turn over a few rocks of possibilities and “what ifs.”  I have been challenged, inspired, and seen God deeper and broader than ever before. The journey of discovery and rediscovery is worth taking, and one I hope will never end in my quest to draw closer to God and allow Him to transform my heart and mind.

So, let’s go back to this topic of pleasure. How do we see it? How much has culture affected our thinking? Do we see what God sees?

In his newest book, Redeeming Pleasure, author, Jeremy Jernigan takes readers back to the very beginning and to the root of God’s intention for pleasure. Through personal stories, practical insights, and a depth of wisdom culled from thinkers both ancient and modern, Jeremy re-imagines pleasure and unmasks its deceptive allure.

Jeremy Jernigan is the Executive Pastor of Creative Arts and Student Ministry at Central Christian Church AZ. He also is the author of the blog, and just released his newest book, Redeeming Pleasure – How the pursuit of pleasure mirrors our hunger for God, by Worthy Publishing.  We recently had a great conversation on Girlfriendit Radio with Jeremy on this topic of pleasure.  You can listen now HERE.

So, when was the last time you thought about something for the first time?

Pursuing God,

There is a three-week You Version Reading Plan based on Redeeming Pleasure available now!

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