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Bill Hybels

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A Fifteen-Year Summer Tradition

Do you have summer traditions you look forward to each year? A summer tradition that we both share has happened in August for the past fifteen years: the Global Leadership Summit. Our church, Central Christian AZ is a satellite host for this huge event. Every…
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Energizing Your Leadership!

Just finished debriefing, decompressing, downloading and decomposing (you'll have to listen to Girlfriendit Radio  from 8.16.12 to understand!?) leadership insights from the recent Leadership Summit.  The word that has stuck with us is "Energize"! Bill Hybels challenged leaders towards energy.
  • Energize your Vision
  • Energize your Culture
  • Energize your People
  • Energize new Initiatives
We are now officially adopting this word to incorporate into all things Girlfriendit. Bill also challenged us with something he called 6 X 6. Here's what it could look like for you. We invite you to take this challenge with us - and even share your thoughts.
  • God, in the remaining six weeks of this calendar year – what are the greatest contributions I could make?
  • Six things in six weeks
  • Sprint for six weeks
(See our 6 X 6 Article for our accountability!) Leadership Quotes To Ponder:
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