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The Power of Story

“The best stories enlarge our understanding of the world, excite our imagination, and make us think of THE story sung by angels in heaven.” Jack Klumpenhower

What makes a great story for you??

I (Lisa) know I am in a great story/book when I dread seeing two little words, “the end”. I don’t want the book to end! It captures my imagination and allows me to get lost in time. Better yet is when I know the story is based on real life – then it really has me!

Stories and storytelling are the most effective form of human communication. They connect us to others. Stories stick. There are stories we tell ourselves (hopefully they are positive) and there are stories we tell others.

We respond to stories. Right now, the Refugee Crisis has my attention. It has been heightened by stories, real life stories from refugees themselves. I recently sat and was served tea in a make shift home with several women who were living together with their families in Iraq. They had all been displaced from Isis when soldiers invaded and captured their city over a year ago and were considered the “lucky ones” who escaped. With only a few belongings, they loaded up their cars and fled. These were middle class working families who suddenly found themselves living in tents and hollowed out structures for survival. They spoke of the day that changed their lives forever.

There is so much more I can say about that experience and the amazing people and their resilient spirit. It all still lingers in my memory and haunts me in my soul. I can still see their faces, smiling in spite of it all and I keep telling myself, that could be me!? And I keep asking, why not me? My understanding of the world was enlarged. I am not the same. Living stories do that to you.

Are you ready to engage in another story with us? Recently on Girlfriendit Radio we talked to our guest, author J.A. Myhre who serves as a doctor with Serge in East Africa where she has worked alongside her husband, Dr. Scott Myhre, for more than two decades.

Her book, A Chameleon, a Boy, and a Quest gives a voice to the millions of children who must make painful, irrevocable choices along the path of growing up. Dealing with real themes African children face every day, such as forced labor, the duties of child soldiers and the Ebola virus, Jennifer hopes A Chameleon, a Boy, and a Quest will captivate young minds and foster in them a new sensitivity toward the forgotten orphans of the world.

It’s a story that will stick with you and if you allow it, possibly change you???

Patty and Lisa

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