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“WOW!  I wasn’t expecting that,” I thought to myself as I walked away.  I just ran into a girlfriend in the parking lot of the supermarket and she was clearly in a conversation as she held her cell phone up to her ear.

We exchanged smiles and quiet hellos, and I would not have been offended in any way if she just left it at that.  Yet, my girlfriend who loves well with her words and knows how to be intentional with her actions, proceeded to tuck her phone away; with the caller still on the line, and gave me a hug and said a few words with the gist being: I appreciate you.

I got in my car and realized my smile was HUGE, and the imprint she left on my heart was even bigger.  Her words were loving, and her kind actions spoke volumes more than her loving words—for I don’t remember exactly what she said (ha!). But  I’m sharing this story because it obviously impacted my heart and you can bet, I am looking forward to paying this action forward.

What about you, have you allowed the love of Jesus to overturn the way you communicate and connect with others?  Are you modeling the way for you kids to do the same?

Don’t you just love it when a good girlfriend sets the stage for conversation about something close to your own heart?

Patty and Lisa set the stage for us each week on their Radio Show and they chatted about this exact topic with special guest, ErikLokksmoe on last Thursday’s Girlfriendit Radio show.

Did you listen?

Did you hear Patty’s heart as she was honest about her own heart in parenting her teenagers.

Did you catch the tips from Erik and the book he coauthored, Upended?

Don’t miss it – download the podcast here and share your thoughts below or chat it up with us on our Facebook Page.

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