Girlfriendit is a Leadership Development Movement for Women. Rallying You To Remarkable!

Have you ever asked yourself:

  • Am I Enough?
  • Am I the only one here . . . like me?
  • Does what I do really matter?
  • Are my best years behind or in front?
  • What defines me?
  • What motivates me . . . really?
  • Basically, “Why do I do what I do and why am I who I am?”

These and other questions haunt us at times and we know we are not alone. Leading can be lonely, isolating, and discouraging.

But what if:

  • There was a place where your “why” in life was safe to share?
  • An apology wasn’t necessary when the tears emerged and flowed?
  • Vulnerability was trusted and valued?
  • You could experience connection, fun, networking, relationships and resources with other leaders like you?

We are driven to provide opportunities and places for leaders to collide their “why’s” (why they exist) and rally together to instigate and implement solutions for challenges in our communities and culture. As much as we want to stand for every good cause out there, the way we can, is by standing with you and your good cause and heartbeat. Together we can make differences that will live into eternity!

We exist for you and what we can do together!

Patty Wyatt and Lisa Jernigan!

Who Are We?

  • Radio Hosts/Connectors/Trainers/Speakers/Advocates for Women
  • We are two extroverts who never turn down an opportunity to connect and converse.
  • We love questions and are full of them (that’s why we love radio)!
  • We covet and value friendship and want to help others discover and embrace this gift.
  • We are constantly learning and being reminded that we are enough and God is more than enough!
  • Natives of AZ who rally leaders in our own community (Determined and Dangerous Group) and churches for change and to transform lives for eternity.
  • Passionate for the local church and the hope it brings.
  • Crave Jesus.

 Successorizing Your Ministry/Organization!

 We Provide:

  • A Network of Leaders – Virtually and Personally
  • Tangible resources such as:
    • Conflict Resolution
    • Maximizing your EQ
    • Understanding your Temperaments and Spiritual Gifts
    • Team Dynamics for Success
    • Creating a Framework for ministry
  • Fun, creative experiential approaches for relational leadership
    • Trainings
    • Conferences
    • Rally Lunches
    • Two by Two’s

Why Girlfriendit?

  • Because there is a void . . . and there is a need . . .
  • Women need to define and redefine who and why they are. We call that their “it”. What is “it” that wakes you up in the morning and makes you want to hit the ground running? The “it” is why you exist.
  • So . . . Girlfriendit!